About Us

Back to Basics: F2F

Today life is all about buying, selling, promoting, learning, actually mostly everything is basically done online. Click, enter and your are done! But sometimes, just sometimes it's nice to go back to basics. That's where we come in. How so? To make our customer service even more complete, we provide you the option of of F2F Service. What is this? You have the opportunity of meeting your service helpers in person (if local) or by video chat. Why? Because we feel that is part of customer service. It's a face to the voice. It's a face to the work. It's a face to the service that we provide to you. Simple as that.

Who We Were Then

As soon as we could hold up a crayon or pencil, we were literally drawn into the world of art and writing. Our teachers always pushed our abilities to the max. People might get into graphic arts and technology because of the high demand but if they don't have have it in their heart, the turn out might be good but the work will lack uniqueness. So what we have instead is a natural desire towards art, towards imagination, towards creativity of what our minds sees. We interpret that, we put it on paper or digitally create it. Nothing, but nothing could replace this fascination for what we feel when we express our minds into something that others could see, understand, and appreciate.

How We Got Started

Our desire to creativity, to expression of our minds soon became just a hobby and was soon replaced with a 9 to 5 for me. My brother on the other hand will able still express his talent but with music. He would DJ in many clubs in Atlanta and in Miami. Then that too, got replaced with his version of a 9 to 5. In 2009 we both felt the hit of everyone getting laid off. So we joined in together and here we are now, working together to help others.

Who We Are Now

We just consider ourselves a couple of creative heads that like to help others kick start into the their own realm of business. We mostly like to focus our attention to small local businesses. Why is that? Well, mostly because the small and locals are families like you and I. We think about when disasters strikes or when things get ugly; who are the ones to hurt if not the small businesses, the families of the businesses? So if we help just a few of those local businesses get a web presence and get known, they in turn will be able provide the surrounding areas with their awesome quality and service. It's a win win, don't you think?

Mission Statement

"Helping Local Businesses With a Web Presence".